Don’t underestimate the power of nutrition and supplements when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. In this blog, learn tips to get fit in the New Year.

Resolving to get fit this New Year? Here are 6 tips to succeed!

If you’re the kind of person who sets New Year’s resolutions, chances are getting fit is at the top of your list. This is easier said than done, and will take some commitment and dedication in order to meet your personal goals! However, know that you aren’t alone in this journey. Putting health first is at the top of many people’s  New Year to-do list.

  • Doing more exercise – 50%
  • Losing weight – 48%
  • Improving diet – 39%

Whatever your specific “get fit” goals are, make sure you’re committed to success. Did you know that  80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions? Fortunately, with the right tips, you don’t have to fall into this demographic!

Getting fit can be especially challenging in the winter; the cold weather prevents us from wanting to spend time outdoors being active. Post-holiday burnout is a real thing, too. After weeks of preparation, you likely are craving a few days of rest, making it hard to get motivated. On top of that, it gets darker earlier, leaving you with less daylight to stay energized.

Taking care of yourself and putting your health first can help you live a longer, happier life and strengthen your immune system to battle the illnesses that come with the winter season. If you’re serious about sticking to your New Year’s goals, this is the blog for you.

6 Tips to get fit this New Year

How can you maintain your resolve to get fit this year? Let’s dive right into it!

#1: Get out there and MOVE!

Some exercise is better than no exercise. If it’s too overwhelming to think about spending an hour in the gym, re-set your expectations. You are busy, and adjusting to post-holiday life can be stressful. Be realistic about the time you have for your fitness routine – push yourself a bit but respect your limits.


You don’t need to take a high-intensity fitness class for your movement to count. If sticking to a solid routine feels like too much to take on, take a half-hour walk instead! Just do something fun where you can get out and move.

#2: Make it fun

If you get bored by a 45-minute strength training class, what about a 45-minute dance party? Alone or with your family, you’ll burn calories and have fun doing it! There are tons of ways to get involved in fitness in a fun and exciting way. Programs such as Zumba offer great flexibility and proven results. However, you could even go on a short hike with your dog. Just doing a quick workout in your living room while watching your favorite show can make the time go by quickly.

#3: Get a partner

If losing weight is your goal, you may be three times more likely to succeed with your partner, says a study from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to tag along! As we mentioned above, getting fit is at the top of many individuals’ New Year’s resolutions. You will likely be able to find someone who is ready and willing to join in. You can go on a walk with friends, join a gym, stop by a fitness class, or enjoy time swimming at the beach with others.

#4: Be accountable

To succeed in your fitness journey, it can help to be accountable to someone else. If you can afford to hire a trainer and sign up for scheduled sessions, you’ll have a harder time talking yourself out of working out. Having someone who is counting on you and cheering you on can be extremely beneficial when it comes to motivation!

#5: Be reasonable

If you make your goals too challenging, you’re less likely to succeed. Set reasonable goals and take small, steady steps to achieve them. Realize that you can't go from 0 to 100 just like that and achieving your peak fitness state will take time and effort. There are sure to be bumps in the road, especially if your busy schedule gets in the way, such as holidays, family events, and work emergencies.

#6: Don’t forget about your mental health

Mental health is an important part of overall fitness. So, don’t forget to make this a priority. Do you feel constantly anxious? Lose your temper easily? Feel lethargic and unmotivated? Feel lonely and withdrawn? These are common signs of mental health struggles that should not be ignored, especially if they interfere with your ability to function. Talk to your healthcare provider or a therapist. Teletherapy has become very popular recently and is widely available and increasingly covered by insurance.

3 PharmaNutrics supplements to help you get fit in 2022

Don’t underestimate the power of nutrition and supplements when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Fueling your body is key, and here are some ways to help yourself out:

  • CurcumixPlus: Don’t let joint and muscle pain caused by inflammation stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Our CurcumixPlus dietary supplement is made from curcumin, the key active ingredient in turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chromium 200: If weight and blood sugar control is part of your New Year’s resolution, then Chromium 200 may help. This dietary supplement contains chromium picolinate, an important mineral for balancing blood sugar levels, one of the keys to experiencing improved weight control.
  • EnergixPlus: If you’re feeling low on energy, your “get fit” resolution is doomed! EnergixPlus, only from PharmaNutrics, is packed with nootropics and adaptogens that heighten brain function, mental energy, and physical performance, including rhodiola, maca, and ashwagandha.

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