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Your health is our mission

At PharmaNutrics, we are committed to helping you get healthy and stay healthy. Our natural supplements are made with high-quality, potent ingredients to support health and performance, so you feel calm, powerful, healthy, and ready to take on the world!

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Inspired by nature

We believe nature has the power to balance the body, mind, and spirit. We work with suppliers around the world to source the earth’s finest ingredients, such as curcumin, black currant, saffron, and green tea extract, to create supplements to support immunity, strength, healthy inflammatory responses, balanced blood sugar levels, and more.*

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Guided by science

PharmaNutrics’ supplements stand out for their unique formulas and high concentrations of orthomolecular and natural ingredients. From the purity of our ingredients to the format of the tablet, capsule, or drop, all elements of our products are created based on evidence-based, scientific principles. Our team of pharmacists and doctors specialize in biochemistry with a goal to deliver safe, effective products for our customers.

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Committed to quality

We value excellence in our products and services. Therefore, our ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers from across the world and come with “certificates of purity.” Our production processes are carefully monitored to ensure each product is developed according to high standards of purity, quality, and care. We team with a ISO/IEC 17025-certified lab for independent testing on all our products. Certificates of Analysis for every raw material and finished product provide confidence that our products meet our quality standards.

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Focused on safety

From raw materials to the final product, your health and safety are our top priority. That’s why we select our manufacturing partners carefully to ensure their facilities and processes meet or exceed our high standards for manufacturing processes and food safety management. Our partners comply with U.S. and international standards including: FDA registered, cGMP compliance, ISO 22000 certification, and Foreign Supplier Verification Program.


PharmaNutrics is a wellness company that believes it’s never too late to get healthy and stay healthy. We are committed to developing safe, beneficial dietary supplements and health guidance that help our customers feel balanced, energetic, and calm at any stage of life. From raw materials to the finished product, our goal is to maximize the purity, safety, and benefits of each product. We focus on quality ingredients of high purity and potency, as well as unique formulas that target a variety of health and wellness needs.

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Paul Vosters

Cofounder and CEO

Hi, I’m Paul and I’m not a medical professional. There, I said it! I am a former executive and consultant who is passionate about whole health – both physical and mental. You see, I’ve spent years helping members of my family struggle with mental health and addiction. We’ve tried countless medications, therapies, and treatments, some of which work some of the time. While I believe in the value of medicine to support mental and physical health, I’ve been inspired by the power of natural ingredients to provide healing, hope, and freedom to live a better life with fewer side effects. And so I wanted to be a part of this. I am excited to help PharmaNutrics customers get the information, support, and products that may give them balance and freedom… to move without pain, calm down and relax, or feel awake and energized. Get inspired with me!

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Nikolaas Debusschere


Hi, I’m Nikolaas, a pharmacist for more than 20 years. I launched the PharmaNutrics brand in Belgium in 2014 and am thrilled now to bring these products to the U.S. I am energized by my work with medical and pharmacy partners around the world – together, we imagine and create unique formulas that solve the varied health needs of our customers.* One of my favorite parts of my job is connecting directly with customers who love the way our products make them feel.

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Brittany Bettingen

VP of Wellness and Health Services

Hello, I’m Brittany, a registered dietitian nutritionist responsible for new product lines, research and development, and nutritional education at PharmaNutrics. My passion for health and nutrition started in my teens and early 20s, when I experienced migraines and gut issues. My first-hand experience with the power of integrative medicine and food to manage these conditions compelled me to make this my life’s work. I earned a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity from the University of Southern California and a certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine. What I love most about my work is seeing patients and customers feel better about themselves from the inside out.

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Ine Ravelingien

VP of Product Management and Innovation

Hi, I’m Ine, a pharmacist for 16 years and a Certified Health and Life Coach, helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Originally from Belgium, I now live and work in Texas, where I’m very excited to be leading the product management and innovation of PharmaNutrics dietary supplements. I strongly believe that living the life you want requires balance: work, family, relationships, and mental and physical health. I love working with PharmaNutrics because of the value our supplements bring to customers seeking this balance.